Electrical and electronic waste

What Is Electrical And Electronic Waste?

electrical-electronic-wasteModern society and constant technological improvements cause increased production and use of various electrical devices. Without those technical devices everyday life couldn’t be imagined.
Electrical and electronic equipment are all devices whose proper operation fully depends on electricity. When this equipment becomes useless electrical device it turns to electronic waste which should be taken care properly. Those unusable devices include assemblies and components and can come from both, industry and households.

It is hazardous waste and can’t be mixed with other wastes. So, it requires special treatment and recycling with full law respection.
The main goal of electronic waste management is to establish a system for separate collection of electrical waste. It has to be classified into one of nine electric equipment categories for its further care, procession and protection of the environment and human health.

Company JUGO IMPEX E.E.R is specialized in electronic waste recycling and in order to preserve and protect our air, land, public health, water, and wildlife it has met all legal standards, in accordance with all directives of the European Union and business policy of the company.

To become our client and buy our recycling products, send us your details to office@ereciklaza.com.


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