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The fact is, the recycling industry is not the most transparent in the world. We are not so good at sharing what we know. If one technique is developed in, say, Indonesio, chances are that it wont be implemented in Bulgaria for another ten years.

There are many reasons for this. the main one is that jurisdistional laws governing the recycling industry vary from country to country. Also, becouse waste treatment technologies are big and cumbersome, its assumed that transferring knowledge is too complicated and costly.

But what is really costing us is not sharing our knowledge. Not sharing best practices or the the challanges we are facing and not engageing in networking with each other. If other industries behaved like ours, we d still be using rotary phones and driveing Ford T.

We are E-Reciklaza, a recycling company that specialized in electronic waste menagment. We are based in Serbia and have strong regional contacts, but our aspirations are global.

Through years of expirience, we have developed efficient and environmentally sound ways of recycling WEEE, PET and sorting communal waste, and think we have valuable experiences to share. The controller shown here is one of them.

We d love to hear from you. Perhaps it will lead to a successful partnership, joint venture or consulting engagement. I am Ninoslav Milenkovic, CEO, and would be interested to personaly speak with you. You can reach me on +381 63 1085231 (including Wapp) or at


System Integration

Sharing our information and knowledge coming from our investment in 2010 to e-waste recycling business including the refrigerators.





 Complete Solution

Providing complete solution by creating environmentally friendly options which provides up to %100 eficiency on recycling WEEE.





With our team of 142 experienced employees and 23 years of history in Balkan region to provide added value to your company.